11010 Spottswood Dr., Houston TX 77016

This was another HUD home we flipped. The home was originally a 4 bedroom 1½ bath floor plan with a converted garage that was being used as a 5th bedroom and the home was about 1,280 square feet.  We decided to combine two small bedrooms that shared a common wall into one large bedroom making it a proper master/primary bedroom. Luckily for us one of those bedrooms had a closet that shared a common wall with the half bathroom, so we opened that wall and turned it into a shower space with the previous half bath, turning it into a full bathroom for the master bedroom.  While reframing those two rooms we were able to add a large closet at the opposite wall of the new bathroom. In addition to that we removed the wall from the living room and kitchen that touched the garage and raised the garage floor to give the home a more open concept and additional living/dining space.  The home was now a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom floor plan. We installed new windows, a new roof, tile, carpet, master shower, and HVAC system.  The kitchen was completely remodeled with new cabinets and appliances. We added a fresh coat of paint and patched or replaced damage sheet rock and siding where needed.

  • Purchased on 3/20/2019

  • Purchase Price $65,324

  • Repairs $22,250

  • Sold Price $147,500

  • Sold on 7/30/2019

Kitchen Before
Kitchen After
Living Room before
Living Room after
Laundry Room in garage before
Enclosed Laundry room after
Master half bath before
Master bath after (with shower in mirror)

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