6606 Crestridge Street, Houston TX

This home was owned by a hard money lender that foreclosed on the previous investor. They offered us in house financing with easy qualifications so we jumped on it.  It is located just inside loop 610 near the Gulfgate area. The home was originally a 2 bedroom 1 bath layout with an enclosed back patio, and a single car garage. Since they never raised the floor in the enclosed patio we decided it needed that, especially since we opened the wall separating that room from the original living room. We also converted the garage into a master bedroom and bathroom and managed to have enough space for a laundry room in there as well.  Converting the garage required us to raise the floor to match the existing living space.

We added new windows and new exterior doors, new roof, new HVAC system, new carpet and tile, completely new master bathroom with shower, new carport (2 car) and new interior and exterior paint. We also had the hardwood floors refinished which were in the living, dining, and 2 bedrooms. Opening the old living room wall gave the home much better flow and we were lucky enough to find matching wood floors for the enclosed porch, where we had to raise the floors to match the existing ones. We also added a new driveway to compliment the new carport. We had a contract from a purchaser even before it was listed.

  • Purchase Date 1/28/2022

  • Purchase Price $89,000

  • Repairs $30,000

  • Sold Price $200,000

  • Sold Date 8/27/2022

Front Before
Front After
Living Room Before
Living Room After
Kitchen Before
Kitchen After
Guest Bathroom Before
Guest Bathroom After
Guest Tub Before
Guest Tub After
Bedroom Before
Bedroom After
Removing Living Room wall to enclosed patio
Enclosed Patio with low floor
Matching wood floors in enclosed patio

Garage before conversion
Garage After conversion (Master bedroom)
Master bathroom and utility room before conversion
Master bathroom and utility room after conversion





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