Current HUD Homes for sale – Bexar County

HUD home Map

This is a current MAP of what HUD Homes are for sale in Bexar county Texas. There are currently 5 “Lottery” HUD Homes on the market in San Antonio. We are very fortunate to be able to offer these types of properties because they offer an insane amount of savings! If you are not familiar with what a Lottery HUD Home is, HUD makes certain homes they sell available to with Non-Profit organizations, Government Agencies, Firefighters, Teachers, Law Enforcement, and EMTs. The Non-Profits and Government agencies get a 30% discount and the “GNND” (Good Neighbor Next Door) buyers get a 50% discount off of the price! That’s a huge amount of savings. The GNND buyers MUST occupy the home for 3 years as their primary residence in order to get the full 50% discount and they cannot have owned a home in the prior 12 months. If no Lottery buyers submit an offer on these homes during its exclusive period then the home becomes available to the general public being Owner/Occupant buyers for the first 15 days. After that period then investors are welcome to make offers.

There are also some other beautiful HUD Homes on the market that are not designated for Lottery buyers, such as the home at 2903 Kentucky Oaks, which is one of the nicest HUD Homes I’ve seen on the list in a long time. If you see anything on the map that catches your eye or you are curios as to other homes for sale in an area, please reach out to me.

Jonathan “The HUD King” de la Garza



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