HUD Home Money Map change

Good morning loyal HUD King fans,

I have decided to change the day that I post my very informative map of HUD Homes in Texas from Monday to Saturday.  Although I liked the alliteration of “Money Map Monday” but I found that a lot of HUD homes received offers over the weekend, and therefore were removed from the market on Monday a few hours after the asset managers opened for business.  So if you saw a home that you were interested in, there was a chance that the home could be gone a few hours after seeing it on my map.  I therefore am going to be posting a list of HUD Homes on Saturdays from now on, so you should have at least Sunday to review the map of homes, and have a better chance of submitting an offer.  If you ever have a question about HUD homes, I hope that you’ll contact me.  If I don’t have the answer I will do my best to get you one.  You can always reach me at my contact information below.

Jonathan “The HUD King” de la Garza



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