MASSIVE Bank REO Liquidation! (Bank Foreclosures)

With interest rates at an all time low there is no better time to invest in real estate. When home buyer loan requirements became more strict, it created a huge demand for rental properties, since so many people could not qualify for a home loan. Now the market has a surplus of peopleĀ in need of a home to rent.

If you’re an investor or a group of investors interested in purchasing bulk foreclosures, Bank REO’s nationwide, or performing and non-performing notes nationwide please contact me. Specific LOI (Letter of Intent) required and direct principal to principal transactions ONLY!

Let me help you build your real estate portfolio by purchasing HUD Homes, government foreclosures, or bank foreclosures. Several banks are currently liquidating single-family homes, multifamily properties, commercial properties, and hotels nationwide, so contact me if you’re interested.

Currently the banks are looking to liquidate inventory no smaller than $10,000,000 in asset sales, so you may want to consider forming a partnership with other investors if you’re not in a position to meet those requirements.

Jonathan de la Garza – Broker/Realtor


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    • I appreciate your inquiry. I will reach out and see if my liaison with the bank has anything available.

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