Real Estate with your IRA

Did you know that you can buy investment property with the money in your IRA? Well you can, and you can quite possibly get a better return on your money than if you kept it in the stock market. Not only that, but if you buy the property the right way, you may have instant equity and a tangible appreciating asset as well. 

Watch this 5 minute video to explain:

IRA investing is a very underused but IRS approved method of buying real estate while differing the taxes.  Not only that, but you’ll have an investment that you can actually go touch and understand.

A typical qualified investor is someone that meets the following criteria:

  • An interest in real estate investing
  • An IRA balance with $250,000 or more
  • Self employed or a business owner
  • 50 years or older

If you’re interested in sitting down and learning more, please email and we can schedule a face to face meeting explaining exactly how this strategy works.


Jonathan de la Garza